Google Chrome is the most popular web browser available nowadays as it has a simple and beautiful interface. It can be customized with the help of themes and you can also use the extensions to extend its functionalities. One of the best features that is available in Chrome is that it automatically downloads the updates by the silent update mechanism. The users no longer need to update it manually. The latest updates add new functionalities, features, and protection from any security threats. Any backdoors and threats if found out are fixed in the next version. This in turn helps the users to keep themselves and their browsing activity safe and secure.
In a recent announcement Google has notified its users that the Chrome browsers with the Chrome 53 or older versions installed will stop receiving support for the quality assurance and security by the end of this year. This in turn will impact users over different platforms like Windows XP, and Vista. The users need to have at least Google Chrome version 54 in order to receive any updates and use Gmail. At the end of the years the Gmail users will be redirected to the HTML5 version so that they can access the newer and better features in Gmail. The users with the older versions of the browser will be shown with a banner to update their Chrome to the latest versions to keep enjoying Gmail as earlier.
Yellow ribbon with the information that the Windows XP and Windows Vista will no longer be supported in Chrome is displayed as you open the browser. Whenever such information is displayed the only solution provided is to update the operating system. However in some cases you may no longer be able to update the operating as in case of low configuration devices. In such cases however you can choose the option to disable the notification. For this you have to right click on the Google Chrome shortcut, and then in the target text box enter the “--disable-infobars”. Finally click on the Apply button.
Whenever you open Google Chrome using this shortcut, the message for the update is not displayed. However there are some other hacks as well using which you can choose the option to upgrade your Google Chrome browser to the latest versions even if you are on Windows XP or Windows Vista. In case of any problems encountered with your Google Chrome, give a call on Gmail Customer service phone number and get the problem fixed by the experts.